You Try Going Two Days Without Media…It Sucks

It’s not possible.!. In order to even go two days without media one would need to not have school, homework, a need to be entertained or even a social life. Just sitting in a box doing nothing would be fine. For my experience in trying to go two days without media there was no avoiding it. The first day I had to wake myself up somehow so I used my cell phone but I made it so it wasn’t a ringtone of music. I also had to look up if we had school that day because of the snow the night before. When I did have class we were exposed to media like the internet and video clips via projector and computer. While walking through University Union you can hear music and see television screens and as I ate diner in Glen I happened to sit near a TV which had a popular sports channel on. Then in order to do my homework for the day I had to use sources of media, either the internet or a book. For the second day the only media I was exposed to was the music in lobbies and my various varieties of homework. On both days I was exposed to ads on the bus and also in the University Union building.

This experience has made me realize that we are so involved in media that we can not avoid it, even if we wanted to. Even in the common process of learning we rely on media instead of just oral communication like centuries ago. I also notice how boring things were when I wasn’t using media, watching my favorite TV shows like The Game, House or Glee, browsing the internet on Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr, listening to music I can’t live without, even reading a novel or textbook for class, they are all things to entertain and occupy time. Without media there are only a few things the generation of today would do like eat, talk to people in person or play board games since its too cold outside to play sports.

…words to describe this experience.

It may have been all these words but it just goes to show that we rely on it too much, like food and water, it has become a necessity. In an article I found, 200 students from College Park did 24 hours without media and a majority of them expressed feelings of “Withdrawal, Frantically craving, Very anxious, Extremely antsy, Miserable, Jittery, Crazy” normally “associated with drug and alcohol addictions.” Scary.

You Try Going Two Days Without Media…It Sucks

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