News Satire At It’s Best.!.

The Daily Show with John Stewart airs every Monday through Thursday at 11pm on Comedy Central. The show is presented as mixture of a news show and a late night talk show with its comedy and guests. They describe themselves as “fake news,” putting satire in current news stories of the week. Comedic skits, monologue, and interviews amuse and slightly educate audiences on politics, entertainment and current events. This prime time show is only a half hour long so time runs out when they have guests and then viewers are referred to their website for extras and commentary.

When visiting the site for the show the first thing you will notice is the area for new videos, which automatically plays as soon as you enter the page. This section gives you a chance to look at the newest video clips from the show (the highlights), you can also share the videos on your favorite social networks with the click of a button underneath it. Above all this is the menu for navigating the site. The most relevant options are to watch full episodes, videos, get information on recent guests that visit the show, descriptions on the current news team and alumni and how to get tickets to the show.

There are many other many other entertaining and informing sections on the home page. They show what guest will be on the show for the current date and the next day, also the day’s guest for The Colbert Report, a spin off of The Daily Show that comes on right after The Daily Show. You can sign up for their newsletter to get exclusive information or connect to Facebook to comment, rate and share videos from the site. There is also a section that shows updates from the show’s official Facebook and Twitter site. For amusement they have a section called the Wayback Randomizer which picks a random date from any year and shows a past clip of the show, posing the question”remember when we cared about…” Overall the site is very easy for people to navigate and easy on the eyes. The site is informational, entertaining,  and very inactive for users. The site is so successful in my eyes that I have no recommendations for it.

News Satire At It’s Best.!.

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