Lindsay Lohan the Theft?

Lindsay Lohan was accused of stealing a $2,500 necklace from a jewelry store recently. The actress will most likely be put on housearrest. While she will be on house arrest she will have a yard sale wear she will sell all of her jewelry and give away some of her clothes to the homeless. In one of her statements she says “I think the media spotlight should be on issues such as homelessness and domestic violence instead of on me.” So we can have her help in these issues to give her better publicity and image recovery. She could also auction off some of her jewelry for money and donate it to a organization dedicated to the prevent of domestic violence or some other worthy cause. We could call any of these events “Lohan Gives Back.” We could express this as a time to start over for her and a chance for her to almost “wake in someone else’s shoes,” by having less clothes and no jewelry like most homeless people do not have.

This campaign will give more pleasing image for Lindsay and show that she actually cares about more than herself and partying. If what she said in her statement was from the heart then this campaign will be truthful and accurate. The only major backfire possible is that people may not show or buy her things but we will announce the events in multiple forms for every to know and we will make sure that her things will be in a decent price range for buyers.

Lindsay Lohan the Theft?

The World’s Most Irritating Actress? How Rude…

Kate Winslet is a well known English Actress, almost single handedly famous for playing the lead role in the film Titanic in 1997. In 2009 while she was nominated for Best Actress for the film The Reader, Daily Mail Newspaper wrote an article entitled “Should Kate Winslet win an Oscar for the world’s most irritating actress?” The article not only insulted her acting but also featured nude photos of the actress. Featuring these photos to conclude that the work out plan she  shared in a recent interview with Elle Magazine was not true. She said she was “hurt and embarrassed,” and expressed that she would not be hypocritical to her believes that “women should be encouraged to accept themselves as they are.” She filed a libel lawsuit against Daily Mail and demanded an apology and was awarded $40,000 in winning the court case.

I think the apology and the win was well deserved for this case, I’m just not sure about the currency amount. I guess because of her status and the threat she could possible cause the newspaper they gave her a large amount of money. Either way the case went I feel like the Daily Mail lost a few readers because of this. But it’s hard to tell if they are a real newspaper or more focused on gossip and tabloids. But for those who agree with Winslet’s belief’s on body image and women they would truly have a problem with this paper.

The World’s Most Irritating Actress? How Rude…

Fast & Furious Madness

I recently went to the movies and saw Fast Five, the fifth movie connected to The Fast & the Furious an action packed racing film from 2001. All 5 movies were packed with stars and in Fast Five most of them reunite for a big mission. Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Jordana Brewster, Tyrese Gibson, Chris Bridges also known as “Ludacris”, Sung Kang and a few other characters come together to try and take down a powerful crime lord in Rio by stealing all his money. Will the DEA is on their tails, Dwayne Johnson aslo known as “The Rock” is the leader of the DEA agents and he got very close to catching Vin Diesel and his team but they got the money and went away for good. Through all this action there were many vehicles featured through out the movie.

Here is a full list of all the vehicles in Fast Five:

  1. 1963 Ford Galaxy
  2. 1966 Ford GT40
  3. 1965 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport
  4. 1967 International Scout
  5. 1970 Charger
  6. 1970 Ford Maverick
  7. 1972 Nissan Skyline
  8. 1972 Pantera Detomaso
  9. 1996 Toyota Supra
  10. 2007 Porsche GT3 RS
  11. 2006 GMC 2500 Yukon
  12. Nissan GT-R ( The car at the end of Fast Five Movie)
  13. 2010 Dodge Challenger ( The car at the end of Fast Five Movie)
  14. 2010 Subaru STi
  15. 2010 Lexus LFA
  16. 2010 Dodge Chargers SRT (Modified Vault Chargers)
  17. 2011 Dodge Charger Police Interceptor
  18. Gurkha LAPV
  19. Ducati Street Racer (Bike)
  20. Train Heist Truck
  21. Honda NSX
  22. Koenigsegg CCX
Through-out the series of movies there has been one vehicle that has been consistent. Vin Diesel, who plays on the of the main characters has a favorite car he is always behind the wheel of… a 1970 Dodge Charger. He would always race in this car and in Fast Five the producer pulled out the newer models of the old car. The police cars the team stole were 2011 models and when they stole the safe full of money they were in 2010 Charger models.

Now viewers will probably want to travel to Rio or get a Dodge Charger. Vin Diesel’s character was a real cool but bad guy and he always won in a race, viewers may make this connection and feel they need a Charger or any other car featured in this movie. Many fans of these movies really like cars and street racing so they may pick up a few things from the movie.

Fast & Furious Madness


I have a monthly subscription to Glamour, a  women’s fashion, beauty and health magazine which constantly displays shallow or materialistic ads directed at upper class status. I pretty much regret choosing this magazine because it’s mainly about fashion and where to buy things and there isn’t much to read. But anyways, I’ve noticed the celebrity factor is played a lot in the magazine ads, trying to get readers to relate to the product by having a celebrity say something about it and wear it. It’s like people are suppose to take the celebrities word for it on how good the product is like they are our friends and we should trust them.

SK-II Facial Treatment Essence

SK-II is advertised as “Miracle Water” with natural and organic products, using words like “age-defying”, clear, glowing and radiant, their key phrase is “Touch the Miracle.” The ad shows an upper body shot of Cate Blanchett and the bottled product beside her. They also gave Cate a quote, “9 years on, and I’m still happy I found SK-II. There’s nothing else like it.” Cate Blanchett is a beautiful Australian actress who is 41, she has been in many movies like The Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Because she is in her 40’s it seems as though she was a good candidate for this product since it helps women still look young and prevents wrinkles.

Gillette Venus Pro Skin Moisturerich Razor

Jennifer Lopez is on big display for Venus‘ new razor, saying “beautiful skin needs protection.” Jennifer Lopez is a well known pop star who has always shown some type of skin. This razor will “leaving you with beautiful smooth skill that is free of worries,” just like Jennifer Lopez’ skin looks all the time. Having soft, smooth and flawless skin has always been an obsession in the celebrity and fashion world, which has rubbed off on the viewing public also known as the consumers.

L’Oréal Paris Sublime Bronze & Le Rouge Infallible

Le Rouge Infallible lipstick has featured Gwen Stefani for their product, giving us a close up of her and her lips with their red colored lipstick. The text describes it as longer lasting lipstick (at least 10 hours), in 30 shades, contains Vitamin E and they use the word luxury twice. The only color in the ad is the stand out red from the product font, display of the lipstick and color, and Stefani’s lips and nails. The text also has a quote from her saying “Feel it. Wear it. Love it.” and below it says what she is wearing, which of course is the “Infallible Le Rouge Lipstick in Ravishing Red and Infallible Eyeliner in Black” both with the product number in parentheses. Gwen Stefani is a well known pop star which means many things she does are to emphasize her looks. Pop stars have to be sexy, beautiful and revealing. So consumers will associate her lifestyle and beauty with the product and think they can in some way be like her.

Sublime Bronze is displayed as “the #1 sunless tanning collection” with a professionally designed jetapplicator so spraying is easy and cover all parts of the body.

It is also “100% natural-looking, even and you.” The Sublime Bronze ProPerfect Salon Airbrush Self-Tanning Mist is worn by Laetitia Casta in this ad. She is a French model who has been featured in fashion magazines, French films and TV productions.  Laetitia Casta has been seen as a light skinned European but in this ad she looks Brazilian or Latino. It would look very natural if her skin wasn’t so shinny and if she didn’t look like a totally different person, but she definitely looks tan.

Citizen Eco-Drive

The Citizen Eco-Drive watch is UNSTOPPABLE. “Fueled by light, it never needs a battery” and “it’s unstoppable, just like the people who wear it.” In this advertisement Paula Creamer is, because of her status as a professorial golfer. She has won the U.S. Women’s Open (as stated in the ad also), winning over a dozen golfing competitions. They have a big picture of the Stiletto Citizen Eco-Drive watch with “42 diamonds” and a “Mother-of-Pearl Dial.” Above the watch is a smaller picture of Paula Creamer in golfing gear and holding a golf club. The odd thing is that she isn’t even wearing a watch. Basically this is a status reference, if you buy this watch you will be considered as “unstoppable” too, successful, seen as having money.


My Favorite Blogs is a tech blog with social media news and web tips. Their audience consist of social network users, tech or internet savvy people, also people in the corporate and business world. This news blog has the style of a newspaper in a way because the trending story has the biggest picture making it the first thing to draw you’re attention. Next to this there are more trending stories and the most shared stories this week. Underneath this lays all the recent stories in short summary form. For each story you can “Facebook Like” it or Tweet it and before the summary of the story is listed the topic, they are all color coded. Mashable is my second favorite blog site because it has current news on things like TwitterFacebook, Apple products like the iPhone and cool images like photos, charts and diagrams.

Concrete is a black entertainment blog for music, fashion; celebrity gossip, news and interviews. This blog appeals more to the African American audience or those who like to follow African American celebrities and trends. R&B, Rap and Hip Hop fans are also part of their audience because they post exclusive new songs, videos and album reviews from related artists. I enjoy this blog the most because I am such a big music fan and they give me the most information regarding music news.

Gossip On is another celebrity gossip, news and entertainment blog. This news blog is for celebrity and pop culture fans. They also have random bizarre news about everyday people for entertainment. Gossip On This is also considered creditable because they name their sources, have links, current photos, quotes and videos also. This site is my least favorite of the three blogs because I consider it to have more irrelevant news for what I’m interested in and I don’t really like celebrity gossip.

If I had my own blog it would be a mixture of a personal and news blog. Topics or posts would include current music videos, singles, albums, relevant pop culture, political and social networking news, positiveness, expressive poems and cool pictures. It would have the option of sharing the posts on Twitter or Facebook like most blogs do now. The layout will be easy to read and navigate with tags and topics on a side bar.

My Favorite Blogs

News Satire At It’s Best.!.

The Daily Show with John Stewart airs every Monday through Thursday at 11pm on Comedy Central. The show is presented as mixture of a news show and a late night talk show with its comedy and guests. They describe themselves as “fake news,” putting satire in current news stories of the week. Comedic skits, monologue, and interviews amuse and slightly educate audiences on politics, entertainment and current events. This prime time show is only a half hour long so time runs out when they have guests and then viewers are referred to their website for extras and commentary.

When visiting the site for the show the first thing you will notice is the area for new videos, which automatically plays as soon as you enter the page. This section gives you a chance to look at the newest video clips from the show (the highlights), you can also share the videos on your favorite social networks with the click of a button underneath it. Above all this is the menu for navigating the site. The most relevant options are to watch full episodes, videos, get information on recent guests that visit the show, descriptions on the current news team and alumni and how to get tickets to the show.

There are many other many other entertaining and informing sections on the home page. They show what guest will be on the show for the current date and the next day, also the day’s guest for The Colbert Report, a spin off of The Daily Show that comes on right after The Daily Show. You can sign up for their newsletter to get exclusive information or connect to Facebook to comment, rate and share videos from the site. There is also a section that shows updates from the show’s official Facebook and Twitter site. For amusement they have a section called the Wayback Randomizer which picks a random date from any year and shows a past clip of the show, posing the question”remember when we cared about…” Overall the site is very easy for people to navigate and easy on the eyes. The site is informational, entertaining,  and very inactive for users. The site is so successful in my eyes that I have no recommendations for it.

News Satire At It’s Best.!.

Disney Culture…Is It Really What’s Best For Kids?

Disney is one of the biggest conglomerates in the world. They own multiple television stations with ESPN and ABC, radio stations, publishing and music companies, theme parks and major film and theater productions. Though they own all these companies the biggest way Disney influences us is through the many successful animated movies they have created for children and their families to watch. Many generations grow up on popular Disney movies like The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, The Lion King, Pocahontas, The Toy Story Trilogy, Hunchback of Notre Dame, Tarzan, Finding Nemo and Cars.

Throughout these movies there have been reoccurring cultural themes or characteristics; some good and others not so good. One of the more positive themes is the good vs. evil fight. In all of Disney‘s movies there is always a main character with good traits and one with negative traits. At the end of the story the more positive character always wins though the other character may have a successful moment in the movie. This is a great theme and teaches children that the good guy always wins in the end so don’t be bad. But there are downfalls to this theme. The good characters are always portrayed as nice, successful, pleasant to be around, and really attractive while the bad characters are always unattractive, mean and greedy. These character traits give viewers the assumption that this is always the case for these types of people, in turn creating a stereotype and most stereotypes are not always true and end up being negative.

Another theme is the fairy tale romance, use of magic and mystical ideas and characters. The fairy tale romance usually falls in the “damsel in distress” category. If the main character is a female she is never fully happy until she falls in love and marries…a prince. These themes can manipulate children’s perception of how things are suppose to happen in the real world or lead them to disappointment in the future. Girls grow up wanting their fairy tale ending and get disappointed when things don’t happen like in the movies, and many feel that they will not be fully happy until they have a boyfriend. Magic and mystical ideas aren’t very relative to the real world either and for young children they may not be able to make the connection of what they really represent. One more theme is the loss factor, the main character is either raised by a single parent or loses something or someone in their life. This theme can be taken in a negative context or just be plain sad or as an unfortunate obstacle one has to get over.

Disney Culture…Is It Really What’s Best For Kids?