My Favorite Blogs is a tech blog with social media news and web tips. Their audience consist of social network users, tech or internet savvy people, also people in the corporate and business world. This news blog has the style of a newspaper in a way because the trending story has the biggest picture making it the first thing to draw you’re attention. Next to this there are more trending stories and the most shared stories this week. Underneath this lays all the recent stories in short summary form. For each story you can “Facebook Like” it or Tweet it and before the summary of the story is listed the topic, they are all color coded. Mashable is my second favorite blog site because it has current news on things like TwitterFacebook, Apple products like the iPhone and cool images like photos, charts and diagrams.

Concrete is a black entertainment blog for music, fashion; celebrity gossip, news and interviews. This blog appeals more to the African American audience or those who like to follow African American celebrities and trends. R&B, Rap and Hip Hop fans are also part of their audience because they post exclusive new songs, videos and album reviews from related artists. I enjoy this blog the most because I am such a big music fan and they give me the most information regarding music news.

Gossip On is another celebrity gossip, news and entertainment blog. This news blog is for celebrity and pop culture fans. They also have random bizarre news about everyday people for entertainment. Gossip On This is also considered creditable because they name their sources, have links, current photos, quotes and videos also. This site is my least favorite of the three blogs because I consider it to have more irrelevant news for what I’m interested in and I don’t really like celebrity gossip.

If I had my own blog it would be a mixture of a personal and news blog. Topics or posts would include current music videos, singles, albums, relevant pop culture, political and social networking news, positiveness, expressive poems and cool pictures. It would have the option of sharing the posts on Twitter or Facebook like most blogs do now. The layout will be easy to read and navigate with tags and topics on a side bar.

My Favorite Blogs